Consistently Reliable

Weso Laser provides you with full service at your convenience with reliability and precision. Our customers work with us because we provide excellent service which you usually only get when you purchase a new machine. Thus you can be economical without sacrificing quality and service. Our highly qualified employees analyze your needs quickly. We install your machine professionally and we ensure that the commissioning works out smoothly without errors. We provide you with excellent maintenance and services through the entire lifetime of your machine.



Our installation consists of the assembling of all machine components, the cabling of all machine parts, and the connection of the necessary media. We use special tools in compliance with TRUMPF specifications, and we guarantee a machine functioning in compliance with TRUMPF specifications and standards at fair conditions.



In order to equip our customers with a fully functioning machine, the machine and all its components are tested in detail according to TRUMPF specifications. Examples are cutting tests with different materials and sheet thicknesses. De/Re-commissioning is solely done by our TRUMPF trained, experiencedemployees that comply strictly with the determined standards. 


Repair & Maintenance

For repairs, we examine the error in detail and get to the bottom of the problem. Our technicians have worked with TRUMPF machines for many years. Their professional expertise means fast troubleshooting so that your machine can resume its work as quickly as possible.

Additionally, a regular maintenance is essential to ensure your machine's productivity and performance. Thus, we put great emphasis on this task. Our maintenance process is based on TRUMPF's maintenance guidelines.


Other Services

We provide other services like Technical Refurbishment, Optical Refurbishment, Transport, Training, Relocation, Service-Hotline, and Quality Management.

Please contact us using the form to the right if you need any further information regarding our services and procedure.